Pet Portraits &
                  Memorial Tiles

Beautiful Ceramic tiles that can be placed both indoors or outdoors. 

To have a portrait/Memorial created for you or as a gift for someone else, go to shop, click on the Pet Portrait & Memorial Tile option you would like and make payment. Options include 10.7 x 10.7cm tile or 15 x 15cm tile with either a stand or wooden frame. Then send us an email and include the following -

1.  A photo of your pet, ensuring your pet is well defined and there is a contrasting background

     * If the image is not suitable we will notify you and explain why and  what you need to do.

2. The code of  the design you would like to have your pet placed in. (Available designs are featured in the images above, click image        for code.) 


3. The pets name if you would like it included on the portrait.

4. For  memorial tile you can include any, all or none of the following - Pets name, relevant dates, a short tribute. See example above.