About Us

The Why 

Life's Little Things came about through a passion for Macro photography of spiders and insects. Our photographs aim to promote and highlight the extraordinary miniature world around us and the facinating and varied life that exists within it. In order to do this we decided to start printing our images onto products and sell them. Of course we print customers photos on our products as well as we appreciate not everyone loves spiders and insects as much as we do 😉

                                                                                            The What

Simply chose a product and we will print your photo onto it or you can select one of ours. The LLT Galleries contain original images displaying the photographers name. We have included some Non LLT Galleries with patterns and designs that don't contain any insects or spiders. 

                                                                    The How

We print using a technique called sublimation, a process that turns sublimation ink into a gas when heated. This causes the ink to permanently fuse to the substrate. The resulting image won't fade, peel or crack like other techniques can.